DC METRO AREA’s Best hand Detailing Shop for over 35 years!


I have a totally new car now! My ten year old Explorer was brought back to life at Pro Clean! The price was very reasonable and the process was easy. I dropped off the car at 830 and it was ready by 2. The carpet is like new, the leather is gorgeous and they even buffed out a scratch on my bumper. Very happy!
Emily M.
After moving around the DMV a bunch over the past couple months my car was a mess. It was embarrassing how messy it always was especially when I had to take somebody somewhere without prior notice. These guys at pro clean did the best job I have ever seen on any car. I've had my car detailed A few years back, but this one was much better. I had a few unsightly scratches on my car that are now invisible. The price is fairly reasonable considering everything they did. I would recommend them to anyone!
Alison J.
Took my car to Pro-Clean for the first time and what a wonderful experience! The owner, Mike, and his team did an amazing job detailing my car inside and out. They clearly take pride in their work and it shows! They paid special attention to detail and even went as far as buffing out scratches, as well as repairing a broken vent. The shop is neat, clean and spacious. I must say that when I picked up my car, it was cleaner than when I purchased it! I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for top-notch service. The added bonus is Mike's dog, Prince, who is a wonderful representative of the company and personally greets all of the customers with a wagging tail and a toy in his mouth. Overall, my experience with Pro-Clean was excellent and I will continue to use them on a regular basis for all of my car detailing needs.
Anastasia C.
My car was due for a clean and a wax. After going through the drive through car wash for a year the bristles and rags scratched the clear coat up pretty nicely. I was at a point where I did not want to wash it myself due to all the scratches. One trip to pro-clean and my car looks brand new. Highly recommended.
Jay J.
Good to have a professional clean your car who knows the business! He has been doing this for over 35 years and even does all the dealerships around Tysons Corner so he has tons of experience. With his great sense of humor it's fun to talk to Michael when I get my car done. He is hands on and is there all the time to see it gets done right or he makes it right!
Jeff S.
Mike (the owner) and his staff are a phenomenal group. Today I received the Pro-Clean special with Teflon coating and I must say they do the best job. They are by far the premier detail ship in the DMV area. Would highly recommend for winterizing your vehicle.
Jacob D.
Great service and care for the customer. I called to schedule an appointment to get a bad cigarette smell out of my car. Instead of taking an appointment the owner advised me to try a few things to get the smell out of my car before spending any large amount of money which I thought was a very customer centric attitude. It turned out I couldn't get the smell out of my car myself so I brought it down there and they were able to do wonders with the car and it's much better than before. I'd recommend these guys to anyone who wants to do business with an honest and reputable owner willing to give good advice.
Ed B.
Recently, I took my car there to get the full detaling done and am glad I picked this establishment over others in the area. I dropped off my vehicle early in the morning and the guys in the front desk informed me that the car would be ready around 3 pm the same day. Around 2:30 pm, I received a call from them that the car was finished. When I went to pick up my car, I was surprised that it turned out to be a lot better than I had expected. I plan on going back to these guys again next year.
John J.
The best auto detailer I've had clean my car in 30 years of automotive maintenance! They repaired the effects of the last auto detailer (the dealer), fare wear and tear, and careless drivers in parking lots. Absolutely professional. They called me to confirm the appointment and when the work was done. In between, they meticulously cared for my "mobile living room" and upon delivery, provided instructions for how to optimize the treatment. If I don't find a detailer that equals the service from Pro-Clean in my new residence, I'll schedule a return trip to Tysons.
Marc D H.
If it was possible to give this outfit more that 5 stars, I would. They did an unbelievable interior detail job on my 2007 Lexus RX350. My wife, a couple of dogs and a cat had trashed the interior of this once beautiful vehicle over the course of 7 years. I was actually in despair about how the value of the SUV would be diminished because of the disgusting interior. No more. Mike, Kiko and the boys made this car look better than brand new! I was amazed and thrilled. I would have paid double or more for the job they did so at $150 it was a fantastic value. Business integrity and professionalism at its finest!
Gianni R.
These guys are great! I went in today (a recommendation from my car dealer) because there was a dead bird stuck in the rear door's pocket. They were so busy that they couldn't take my car today for interior cleaning, but Mike had his guys vacuum, clean out the pocket and disinfect the area ... all because my infant daughter sits in the seat next to the door. THANK YOU, Mike! I really appreciated the awesome service you provided to get me through the weekend.
Mark, Falls Church